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Support our Current Top 5 Goals

1. Rename the Department of Public Welfare. 98% of the Department of Public Welfare budget is protecting our most vulnerable Pennsylvanians, including those needing long-term or permanent support to live as meaningfully and independently as possible. Some of these services are provided regardless of a family’s income. This is not welfare. And in this day and age, Pennsylvania is the only state that still has a department called “welfare.” Let’s call it what it is —the Department of Human Services.

2. Transit Service is Human Service.

3. Strengthening the Aging Waiver.

4. Formalize smart decision-making. When elected officials have to make tough decisions with limited resources, using evidence and performance-based program analysis should be standard operating procedure. C4WW is encouraging the legislature to institutionalize this kind of analysis within the newly created Independent Fiscal Office.

5. Stop cutting. Start adding. Fix funding. Last year, and for many years before, Pennsylvania has dramatically cut funding for vital – and successful – human service programs. As a result, Pennsylvanians face longer wait lists, increased homelessness, cost shifts, closed programs and unemployment. The 2012 state budget cut deep into the bone. C4WW urges the Governor and legislature to stop the cuts to human service programs and restore funding to what works.