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Join the #IWantToWork Self-Advocacy Campaign

There are no better advocates than self-advocates.

The Campaign for What Works and the United Way of Allegheny County’s 21 and Able program are teaming with Pennsylvania’s Centers for Independent Living and the participants of its S2L groups to drive a social media campaign, #IWantToWork.

This campaign an opportunity for young people with disabilities, parents, friends and other advocates to tell Pennsylvania legislators they want be a full part of the fabric of American life. To do this, young people with disabilities need the same opportunities as young persons without disabilities have for part-time jobs and internships while still in high school.

S2Ls are year-round programs for young adults, aged 14-25 years, with disabilities. They work towards being independent, developing job skills, learning how to find a job, and how to be public policy self-advocates.

The Lehigh Valley S2L that is part of the Allentown-based Center for Independent Living has been invaluable to this campaign. These young people brainstormed the #IWantTowork hash tag and are promoting the advocacy campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It’s easy be part of #IWantToWork.

When you take your photo with the #IWantToWork card in front of you, post it with the #IWantToWork hash tag on Twitter, or the #IWantToWork Facebook page, or the #IWantToWork Instagram account.

I Want to Work Samantha

The goal is to send a strong message that young people with disabilities are ready to work, are good workers, and are great for businesses and other employers.

The process is simple:

  1. Dress for success!  Get your camera ready.  You or someone else can make the photo.
  2. Hold your #IWantToWork sign in front of you inside the picture frame of your cell phone or camera.
  3. Smile!
  4. Click the shutter to create your photo.
  5. Post the photo, with your #IWantTowork sign and your big smile, on the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram sites.
  6. Share your post with your friends.
  7. Get your family, friends, and other supports of helping young people with disabilities to make their own #IWantToWork photos, too.

Click here to download an #IWantToWork poster with instructions on how to use it.