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Help Homeless Infants and Toddlers:

Urge Senate Leaders to Vote on HB 2204


With your help, we can make it easier for Pennsylvania’s 6,000 homeless infants and
toddlers to receive early intervention tracking and services they may need.

Time is short for the PA Senate to vote on HB 2204 and send it to Gov. Corbett for
his signature. We need you to contact your senator and urge him/her to ask Senate
leaders to run the bill when the Senate returns to session in September. Senate
leaders need to know their members want this bill to be considered!

There are three ways to deliver your message to your senator:

  1. Set up a meeting to convey the message with your Senator in the district office prior to September 15th.
  2. Meet with the Senator’s Chief of Staff or legislative affairs director before September 15th to convey the message and seek a commitment.
  3. If necessary, make the request through telephone conversations and email prior to September 15th.

The principle of the legislation – helping homeless infants and toddlers by
deeming them automatically eligible for tracking services leading to potential
early intervention services when needed – makes for good politics, and is not
controversial. HB 2204 simply adds homeless toddler/infants to PA’s Early
Intervention law to automatically track these very young children.

HB 2204 was approved unanimously by the state House on June 3. Just a week later,
the Senate Aging and Youth Committee unanimously approved it. It is now in the
Senate Appropriations Committee, where it needs to be voted out and sent to the
full Senate for final action.

Our message is simple: Ask your senator to contact their leadership and tell
them HB2204 deserves to be voted out of the Senate.

The Senate has a similar bill introduced by Sen. Chuck McIlhinney. Recognizing the
fact that children are born into homelessness in Pennsylvania every day, Sen.
McIlhinney supports the passage of HB 2204 as the quickest way to support
Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable.

If this bill is not voted on during the few days the legislature is in session this fall, it
will die, and the process would have to start from scratch again in 2015.

Thank you for your help. If you have any questions, please contact John Denny at
412.551.1770, Stephen Drachler at 717.926.7240, or Ray Firth at 412.973.8806.